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The Queue: Ulduar progression and more

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

Ah, maintenance day. The day where I finally get to go out into the world and suck some sunshine into my pallid flesh. I may even pick up some groceries! One can only order crates of Ramen off of the internet so many times before life starts to get a little bland. ...Wait, but if I leave the house... who will write The Queue!? Oh man, forget it, I'll get some sunlight next year. Maybe I can order some Pringles to add a little flavor to my noodles.

Fargostar5000 asked...

Don't know if anyone has asked this yet, but are groups going able to run Ulduar-1o successfully using only the gear from tbe other 10-mans thus far, or will heroic level raid gear be necessary/recommended?

Having gear from the 25-man raids is absolutely not required to do 10-man Ulduar. It'll make it easier, of course, but it's not at all required or necessary. The 10-man raids are on their own progression path, separate from the 25-man path. The 10-mans are tuned for people who do 10-man raids. The 25-mans are tuned for people who do 25-man raids.

Zayd asked...

How long after 3.1 is released before a guild clears Ulduar on Heroic?

How long will it take guilds like Ensidia, Premonition, etc? I give it a week. Maybe two. Most guilds, with the exception of the very casual guilds, will probably take a month to clear out the whole place on 'easy mode.' It'll take much longer than that for most guilds to clear out all of the hard modes of the encounters. Ulduar is harder than Naxxramas, but I still don't think it's particularly hard. Certainly nowhere near as difficult as Sunwell Plateau, which very much honed the skills of the guilds that are utterly trouncing Wrath's current content. Some of the encounters will be hard, and the hard modes of fights are always more challenging, but just a basic clear? Bosses will probably be toppling over left and right unless a lot of the encounters are tuned higher than they were when we experienced them on the PTR.

Aracross asked...

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Seventy five.

Willian asked...

Are you guys going to try Darkfall Online?

Me personally? No. Is WoW Insider going to talk about it much? Probably not. If you're looking for Darkfall Online material though, we can still point you toward our sister site, Massively. Massively is our network's blog for all things MMORPG, including WoW. If you play more MMOs than just World of Warcraft, Massively is for you.

That probably sounded like I was narrating a commercial, didn't it?

MerricMaker asked...

When and why on earth was Mirror of Truth's proc changed to only trigger from melee hits?

The tooltip is a liar. The Mirror of Truth does still proc from ranged hits, the text is just inaccurate.

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