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UK gets paid apps in the Android Market tomorrow

Chris Ziegler

With the US version of the Android Market now in full swing, it was just a matter of time before European markets started to come online. Now, we've got the first concrete date, and needless to say -- T-Mobile UK customers won't be waiting very long. A liveblog of a T-Mobile-hosted Android even in London has revealed that the Market goes live for the British Isles tomorrow, and according to the carrier's head of internet and entertainment, it'll be awesome: "From tomorrow, UK customers will have paid apps on the phone, and there'll be a wide selection of paid apps on the market." In the same event, it was revealed that fully 20 percent of all new customers to T-Mobile UK are selecting the G1, which seems like a promising sign -- and now that there's going to be some better stuff available to download, that number can probably only stand to go up... or down, considering that the Magic's just around the corner on T-Mob's arch nemesis Vodafone.

[Via, thanks Chris]

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