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Student sues US Airways for $1m over lost Xbox 360


A 21-year-old man has sued US Airways for $1 million over the alleged theft of his Xbox 360. He claims that after he picked up his luggage following a flight home during the holidays, he noticed how light the bag was and discovered that his console was missing. He also claims that his system had a specialized hard drive and components worth more than $1,000 ... um, okay.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports the suit seeks $1,700 for the loss of the system, "non-economic distress" of $25,000, or just the cool million, which is the "maximum amount allowable by law." A US Airways spokesperson stated that federal loss limit per bag is $3,300. Not that any of that matters because she goes on to say that policies specifically exclude liability for electronics checked in luggage. The lesson here: Don't ever check in baggage with electronics.

[Via GamePolitics]

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