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Apple patent filing details possible "remote wand" for Apple TV, again


We've already seen some patent evidence that Apple has at least been considering a Wiimote-like controller for the Apple TV, and a newly published patent filing has now thrown yet more fuel onto the fire, although, as with all Apple patents, that's hardly a guarantee of anything. Still, this latest filing is nothing if not detailed, and it clearly shows the so-called "remote wand" being used to control just about every aspect of the Apple TV, with the wand being twisted and turned to flip through a music library, rotate pictures, and simply control a cursor on the screen -- there's even a glimpse of it being used with a paint application. So, it's certainly possible, perhaps even likely given Apple's increasing distaste for buttons, but just keep all those Apple patents for head-mounted displays in the back of your mind lest you get too excited.

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