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Up close with Cricket's giant Samsung Messager

Chris Ziegler

We had a chance to check out the ginormous, hand-built recreation of Samsung's Messager on site in Chicago this week, and yep, we can confirm it -- this is one big phone. Be that as it may, we're still a bit surprised to hear that it's Guinness Record-setting big, but we guess Cricket's angle here is that the Messager is fully functional. There was a healthy line to use the phone when we stopped by; folks were given the option of making a call (over speakerphone, naturally) or sending a text message, but seeing how the display was just as functional as the rest of the phone, we wouldn't want to call up any numbers we didn't want half of the city of Chicago seeing. Follow the break for video of this beast in action -- and after seeing the amount of footwork involved in simply dialing a number, let's all hope phones never actually get this big, shall we?

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