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Sims iPhone shows off in-game purchasing, personalized music


While ex-Joystiqer Ross Miller and Engadget Editor-in-Chief Josh Topolsky are busy liveblogging Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 preview event in Cupertino, we're here (well, all over) disseminating various gaming-related information you need to know. For instance, Travis Boatman, Vice President of Worldwide Studios for EA, took the stage this morning to discuss the forthcoming Sims iPhone game.

Though details are scant, the liveblog is telling us that, "They're showing off a character buying some things in-game," and, "They're playing music off of the device in the game." We're wont to believe that second part means you're able to play music that's saved on your phone from within The Sims iPhone world. Apparently, claims that the iPhone is "the new gaming platform" aren't so far off after all, eh?

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