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Around Azeroth: In the midnight hour


Late-night WoW players have a very different gaming experience from those who play during prime time. The night shifters, time-zone oddballs, and insomniacs of a guild or a server tend to form a special bond. One by one, people log off to go to bed or to work, until at around two to three in the morning you're left with a group of players that you know are going to be there until dawn. You can either join up together, running your remaining heroics and hanging out with the drunks in Vent, or you can strike out on your own and enjoy time spent in a peaceful, deserted Azeroth. Nitetrain of <Heroes of Old> on Stormreaver chose the latter path one night, and send us some lovely photos of late night and dawn at the Auberdine docks. Here's to you, night shifters!

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