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Leaked slide reveals Samsung going big with touchphones in '09

Chris Ziegler

The same slide from the very same Dutch dealer event that outed Samsung's supposed Android device had a gaggle of other goodies on it, too, though we don't know a lot about 'em -- but what we do know is that everything you see here is touch-enabled, two of the devices augment the touch with QWERTY slides, and it's all supposed to be released over the course of this year. That's a pretty amazing plan considering the caliber of hardware we seem to be looking at here, but then again, if any phone manufacturer has the resources and the stones to pull off a plan like that, it'd be Sammy. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit here is All About Phones' claim that Samsung has a Windows Mobile 6.5-powered version of the Omnia HD in the works -- and considering the perception that they'd abandoned WinMo for S60 with the flagship line, we can hear the sighs of relief out of Redmond all the way from here. Little is known about when or where we can expect any of this stuff, so we'll be keeping a close eye.

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