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Report: THQ selling Rise of Nations dev Big Huge Games

Jason Dobson

With the new developer smell (which is really more of a musk) still hanging in the air, Maryland-based Big Huge Games has found itself in the path of THQ's unyielding axe. This according to Crispy Gamer, which reports that the embattled publisher plans to close the studio if it can't sell off the Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends developer in, to use THQ mouthpiece Julie MacMedan's timeline, the "near future."

The company was only just acquired by THQ early last year, but 2008 was a simpler time -- well before the publisher's plans to cut nearly a quarter of its workforce and its shortfall last quarter of nearly $200 million. As analysts continue to circle overhead, THQ's financial future may very well be pinned on Big Huge Games' sale. Well, unless Fiddy can be persuaded to part with a certain crystal skull.

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