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iWOW's i976 to make a non-Motorola splash with iDEN and GSM

Chris Ziegler

Quick: how many non-Motorola iDEN devices can you name? Besides the odd BlackBerry here and there, the list is indeed very short -- and that's where iWOW comes into play. It seems the Singaporean firm is responding to the IiOF's request (that's the International iDEN Operator's Forum, by the bye) for a dual-mode iDEN / GSM handset, and early versions of the fruit of their labor -- the i976 candybar -- are starting to circulate. The device will feature a 2 megapixel cam, Bluetooth, and a hard switch for manually cycling between GSM and iDEN networks. If you were somehow thinking you might nab this on Sprint Nextel in the US on account of that logo up top, though, think again -- as of now, only Nextel's international operations have an eye on it. Just a little better looking than that dual-mode i930 Moto was selling a while back, eh?

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