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The Kaaos Effect launches in Second Life tomorrow

Tateru Nino
It's something of a shame that more corporate participants in Second Life don't sponsor original content on the platform. Like the early days of the Web, many corporate marketing presences throw together something naively ineffective and unrepresentative, and then just avoid having anything to do with it until the finance department wonders about the bills.

Well thank heavens for Orange (the French global telecommunications franchise), who have gone ahead and sponsored an original game. Part mystery, part puzzle and with a healthy (or perhaps unhealthy) dash of time-travel thrown in, The Kaaos Effect is an original game from MadPea Productions, made possible by the generous backing of Orange.

The game starts on Friday, 20 March (though we're not exactly sure what time at 9AM US Pacific time) with the appearance of an unusual building on Orange Island 3. Some basic Second Life skills will be necessary in order to participate in the game, though MadPea have a player's guide to help you with some of the basics and requirements.

The game makes use of audio -- so if you're hearing-impaired or otherwise unable to get the sound-effects and voice-acting, you will unfortunately be unable to complete the game actually be rather well supported with subtitles via onscreen chat [sorry for the misunderstanding]. Orange have an interview up with Kiana Writer, game designer and CEO of MadPea Productions.

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