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Zone locks double in WAR after release of new Zone Domination System

Brooke Pilley

The primary RvR campaign goal in Warhammer Online is to capture and defend zones from your enemy. Up until recently, it was very difficult to capture zones and too easy to defend zones, which led to player frustration. Mythic introduced a new zone locking mechanic called the Zone Domination System (ZDS) in patch 1.2 to help address this issue.

We heard early reports that the ZDS was working as intended, but had no hard numbers to back up the claims. Now we do. Nazgum, an avid MMO gamer and new WAR blogger, has been collecting zone capture data from the official Realm War site for the last 30 days and has come up with some interesting results.

Zone captures have doubled across all servers with the new ZDS. Order and Destruction are roughly even in number of zone captures if you average them out across all servers as well. One concern players have with the new system is that zones can be more easily "ninja'd" during 5am raids. Nazgum's charts show that the majority of zone locks occur between 2 and 6am (in North America). Finally, he compares activity on the two role-play servers to address Ostermark's envy of Phoenix Throne.

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