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Blizzard Insider Issue 30 released today

Alex Ziebart

Issue 30 of Blizzard's newsletter, the Blizzard Insider, is hitting inboxes this afternoon. These newsletters don't come often, but when they do, there's always some good stuff the comes along with it. On the World of Warcraft front, beyond the screenshots and fan art, we have a few new pages to check out:
For our general Blizzard fans among our readership (which is a pretty large number of you/us), we have a couple of Diablo III and Starcraft II items from the community:

  • A new entry has been added to the Diablo III bestiary. Check out The Unburied
  • The Starcraft II community site held a poll regarding which of the two Dark Templar models would appear in multiplayer, and the results are in!
None of it is shocking, mind-boggling news, but I recommend checking out the Arthas preview. The Secrets of Ulduar primer is a pretty good link to give guildmates who have never even heard of patch 3.1, too. Obviously WoW Insider is an even better link, but the primer will do. ...What, too blatant?

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