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Breakfast Topic: Hitting your stride

Zach Yonzon

We finally did it. Heroic: The Twilight Zone. I thought we'd get it much sooner than yesterday -- and we had come close a couple of times -- but thanks to shoddy third world Internet, things often don't go the way we plan them. Several key raid members would get disconnected mid-battle, and we were never quite sure what caused it. We'd just blame it on a bad connection and hope for the best. So imagine the great luck we had when we finally got it all together.

That was an awesome night, and we headed to Naxxramas to clean up and ended up making quick werk of Patchwerk without even trying. I guess when you hit your stride, things just fall into place. Have you ever had a really good run where everything just worked out? A good day of playing where things just go your way? Gunning for Battlegrounds Achievements, I've had bad days but also excellent days where I felt like I just couldn't be beat.

What things have worked out for you? Selling stuff at the Auction House as soon as you put them out? Successful Heroic dungeon farming? Mike asked the other day if the RNG worked out really well for some of you, but what about stuff that isn't so random? When you're right on top of your game? I wish all my Arena sessions were like that, but well, nothing's perfect. How about you? Have you hit your WoW stride lately? Tell us how good things have been going in-game so far.

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