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Motorola cancels Alexander smartphone?

Darren Murph

So much for the "last stand," huh? After getting pictured way back in August of last year, Motorola has quietly let CES, Mobile World Congress and (almost) CTIA slip by with nary a peep on why this thing has yet to ship. We'd initially heard that Q4 2008 was the window, and then Q1 2009; just last week, we heard that Moto could be shooting out ten new smartphones in the latter half of this year, but evidently this one won't be included. According to the always questionable DigiTimes, Motorola has inexplicably "canceled the planned launch of the Alexander handset and also reduced the number of markets in which it will sell its A3100 smartphone," though it gave no reason as to why. Is it sad that we're not at all saddened? Onward and upward, we say.

[Via WMPowerUser]

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