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WoW Insider Show Episode 82: Knock it off? Get it on!

Mike Schramm

Hoo boy, what a show at our podcast on Saturday. After one of the craziest starts our show has ever had (BRK's house decided to go a little nuts right before we started), we got as professional as we could and got down to business. After answering emails (including more on why you should listen to your mother), we talked about the addon changes and how they'll affect players and developers, Blizzard's plans for a mobile authenticator, and more of the latest news out of patch 3.1. We also brainstormed new flavors for Mountain Dew, and finally, we played what everyone was waiting to hear: Turpster's new WoW Insider song.

Yes, because our fans were kind enough to get 4,000 people to join in on our Facebook page, we recorded that abomination of hilarity. You can download it as an mp3 right here, for use in remixes or machinima or whatever you want to do with it, and I've posted the lyrics and liner notes after the break. Enjoy.

And don't forget we're currently in a campaign for OVER 9000 Twitter followers. Join up to Twitter and follow us, and please tell your guilds and friends to do the same -- if we can meet our goal there, we'll do a live video version of the podcast that you'll be able to see right here on the site. Enjoy the show as always, and we'll see you next week.

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Listen here on the page:

The WoW Insider Song
Written by Turpster
Senior Editor of Silliness: Mike Schramm
Singing Talbuk: Michael Sacco
Special Guest Rapper: BigRedKitty
Critical Epilogue by Patrick Beja
Tune originally by Huey Lewis and the News
Content and site by WoW Insider

I used to be a massive noob, I got ganked all day
I couldn't get into a group, I had to learn to play
Now I raid with top tier guilds, no longer the outsider
I owe it to the blog, the WoW Info Provider
With a kick ass freaking awesome show
It's WoW Insider!
It's WoW Insider!

They used to call me the Co-Lead, Now I'm the SE (Turpster: Senior Editor)
I host the show each and every week, with bloggers and The T (Turpster: Hey, that's me!)
This song best not breach copyright, we can't have another Glider
Facebook reached 4k, what have they gone and done,
Now you hear this so-called song
On WoW Insider!
It's WoW Insider!

Schramm: Come on BRK, sing along!
BRK: No, real Hunters don't sing...
Turps: What are you talking about? Of course they do! Though not the best singers, it's more of a constant whine.
Schramm: Oh!

I've played a Hunter
Mike's a Huntard (Schramm: Hey, what?)
You're the hunter with a big red cat
I am singing
Mike has just sung (Schramm: I just saaaa-aaaanng!)
You could sing about your kitty cat
Fa-ha-jord, come and sing it with me
Fa-ha-jord, sing it hard baby!

Schramm: Mmmmmgh, the meat of the song. Hey look everybody it's Michael Sacco, Belfaire from Blizzard!
Sacco: Oh, hello there, I didn't see you; did you guys need someone to sing along?
Turps: Yeah, BRK is being a Big Red Chicken and not singing.
Sacco: Well I don't know, I guess I do have an incredible voice

I used to be one of the blues, posted stuff like 'soon' (Turpster: TM)
Answered tickets in the game, by the light of the moon!
Now I'm on the Insider Team, can't break my NDA
I guess I could leak, one or two things, just don't tell Blizz what I say
They read the site as you know, that's right, the next gen MMO,
is going to be based on (Schramm: Yeah?!)
WoW Insider! (Schramm: Oh. I get it.)
Yeah WoW Insider!

Schramm: Hey BRK, you going to sing now?
BRK: No, like I said before, real hunters don't sing... they rap!

Fo' shizzle my grizzle, I am BRK,
Hunting is my game and I got games to play.
Burning down mobs by the Bestial Wrath
Know the best rotation with my theory-crafting math

There isn't a beast that I have not tamed
my Auto Shot hits like it's Aimed.
Even I am affected by the Cower bug
Makes my pet hold aggro like a tank in a PuG

I got a blue drake, mammoth, and the rest
but we all know which mount is the best:
I ride in style, running over the Horde
In my pimped-out, four-door Ford Fah-jord!

You can watch my vids on BRK TV
You'll learn something cool, that's guaranteed
That's where you'll find everything I've created,
Part of Big Red Kitty Worldwide Amalgamated!

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