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GDC09: Rock Band 2 makes sure Journey Won't Stop Believin'

Kevin Kelly

Leave it to the powers that be to keep us splitting hairs and titles over downloadable music in Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Last year, Guitar Hero gave us a Classic Rock track pack featuring Journey's classic "Anyway You Want It."

At the Rock Band party, thrown by Harmonix in San Francisco to celebrate its newly available Pearl Jam DLC, the company announced that "Don't Stop Believin'", arguably one of the most popular songs in all of classic rockingdom, would be coming to Rock Band 2 at some point in the near future.

Damn you, Harmonix! Can't we just settle on some magical system that lets you play all the songs in BOTH games, without making us have to swap discs in the process? Please? We promise, we'll never stop believin'.

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