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GDC09: Waggle finally arrives on DS


If you thought PDP's motion-based GameTrak Freedom controller for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was a great idea, prepare to be blown away. At GDC, the company is also showing off a motion controller for ... the Nintendo DS. This huge stick is the SmartStylus, a device that provides various advanced features for the DS, including rumble, uh, blinking lights, and, in one configuration, motion control.

The SmartStylus 1, expected to launch this fall pending Nintendo approval, is basically a Squiggle Wiggle Writer connected via (we believe) a GBA cartridge, acting as a rumble pack. The SmartStylus 2 "can include a variety of added features, including LEDs, sound and motion feedback." Wow, all that in just one hilariously oversized device! After the break we've got a shot, taken by Kevin Kelly, of the SmartStylus display on the show floor.

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