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RIM to fire up mobile TV service for BlackBerry devices?

Darren Murph

RIM's pleading the fifth at the moment, but the timing here sure makes this rumor one we'd love to believe. With BlackBerry App World launching on April 1st and CTIA opening up in a matter of days, it seems the perfect time for RIM to introduce its very own television service for BlackBerry devices. NewTeeVee has it from "multiple [undisclosed] sources" that RIM will announce a "full-episode television service" for BB users; the interesting part, however, is that it will supposedly download content via WiFi, leaving open the possibility for this to be carrier-agnostic. Granted, mobile TV initiatives have been far from successful thus far, but who knows if the CrackBerry crowd is the one sect willing to watch full episodes of The Cosby Show on a diminutive, low-res screen?

[Via mocoNews]

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