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Cox planning to roll out tru2way STBs this summer

Steven Kim

Although it flew beneath the radar at this year's CES, tru2way looks to be spooling up the PR machine in advance of The Cable Show in April. Leading the charge, Cox Communications has announced its agreement to use NDS tru2way software starting this summer; and since the field of tru2way-equipped TVs is slim pickings, you know the delivery mechanism -- set top boxes. Grousing aside, technology has to move forward, so Cox is going to start introducing Cisco (Scientific-Atlanta) and Motorola manufactured boxes with NDS software, with plans to do a market-by-market rollout later this year and continuing in 2010. We're all for more media-rich experiences on the TV, but not nearly as enthusiastic as we were about getting rid of STBs altogether. Absent TV manufacturers hopping onboard the tru2way en masse, this situation is taking on some CableCard overtones.

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