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Linden Lab CFO departs

Tateru Nino

Linden Lab's CFO (Chief Financial Officer) has parted ways with the successful virtual-environment developer, though the circumstances under which this parting has taken place are not abundantly clear. All the signs have been there for some weeks, and we've been trying to get final confirmation (which has arrived at last).

John Zdanowski's stint as CFO has seen the largest period of growth in Linden Lab and Second Life so far, with Linden Lab execs reporting record profits during the last quarter of 2008. By all accounts of the Lab's financial performance Zdanowski's departure would seem to be due to no failure on his part. Indeed he seems to have served the Lab admirably during his time there.

We've had a bit of a storied relationship with Zdanowski (known in-world as Zee Linden) here at Massively.

Usually erudite, informative, thoughtful, considerate and respectful in person and in-world, his posts on the official Second Life blog were anything but. In fact, we've come to the conclusion that either he didn't actually write those himself, or they've been so heavily worked over by someone else as to boil the goodness out of them.

As yet there is no word from the Lab on who will be replacing Zdanowski in this challenging and delicate position.

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