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Around Azeroth: Spinning in infinity


In Azeroth, players and mobs are reborn so many times that they have to eventually long for the final peace of the grave. Varsivius of <Warborne> on Moonglade-EU has discovered at least one way to put dead mobs to rest -- performing the "Blowing Hodir's Horn" daily and sending their souls to Valhalla.

Pop personality quiz, hotshots. If you looked at this picture and were reminded of how much of a pain in the butt grinding Hodir rep was, you have a normally-functioning mind. If you did not really look at the picture because you were giggling at the phrase "blowing Hodir's horn", you have a dirty mind. And if you were compelled to switch to a shotgun and fire a couple of blasts at the giants while they're being Lifted, you have a mind that has played too much Mass Effect.

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