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Breakfast Topic: The next Warcraft comic book hero


So I posted a couple days ago about the new Death Knight manga starring the Human Death Knight Thassarian, and it sparked some interesting conversation in the comments. Namely, people started talking about the type of hero they'd like to see in the Warcraft comics. Some complained that the Horde wasn't getting enough representation, some wanted specific races to get the spotlight. I thought it was at least fun to think about, so I thought I'd ask the question straight up: Who would you like to see get front billing in a Warcraft comic storyline or graphic novel?

Me, I'm actually pretty happy to see Thassarian get his own book, but what might also be cool is a book that centers around the struggle of the High Elves. They're essentially exiles from thier own land, now that Quel'danas is Horde territory. How do they feel about the Horde and the Blood Elves? Have they given in to their fate and accepted that they will fade as a race, or is there a movement to reestablish a High Elf culture and society apart from the Blood Elves? How does the reignited Sunwell fit into all this? Give me a series that tackles all of that from the perspective of a wise and patient but still dashing and daring High Elf Ranger with strong ties to Humanity and the Alliance.

What about you? What's your ideal hero and storyline for the next Warcraft Manga or comic book storyline? Is it an established lore character? A completely new character? If the latter, what race and class is he or she? Where do his or her loyalties lie? What challenges will they face? What themes will the storyline tackle?

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