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Rock Band Unplugged box art reveals partial track list


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GameStop has revealed box art for the upcoming PSP-exclusive Rock Band Unplugged. The Frequency-in-disguise game will feature "over 40 original master recordings" in a World Tour mode that spans over 24 cities and venues. The box confirms support for DLC through an in-game music store and also reveals there will be no multiplayer options, Infrastructure or Ad-Hoc.

Many of the songs listed on the box can be found in the console versions of Rock Band, but there are a few notable new tracks. Will these tracks be exclusive to the PSP version, or is this a hint at future Rock Band content?

  • 3 Doors Down -- Kryptonite*
  • AFI -- Miss Murder*
  • Alice in Chains -- Would*
  • Billy Idol -- White Wedding, Part 1
  • Blink-182 -- What's My Age Again?*
  • Bon Jovi -- Livin' On A Prayer
  • Boston -- More Than A Feeling
  • Foo Fighters -- Everlong
  • Jackson 5 -- ABC*
  • Modest Mouse -- Float On
  • Nirvana -- Drain You
  • Pearl Jam -- Alive
  • The Police -- Message in a Bottle
  • Weezer -- Buddy Holly
  • The Who -- Pinball Wizard
* Songs new to the Rock Band franchise.

[Via IGN]

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