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Hungry Man: Murloc Fin Soup

Alex Ziebart

Manda Miller: The Murloc Fin Soup was hearty in a different manner. Instead of infusing me with the essence of Aslan's cousins, I felt imbued with the insidious power of slime.

The noodles felt unusually slippery, until I realized that they aren't noodles at all, but strips of Murloc skin and the fins (tentacles? hair?) from their backs. The chewier carrots are actually fingers, which aren't so bad if you don't think about it too much.

I think that my favorite part of the meal was actually the eyeballs. The experience took me back to the days when I would share a can of fruit cocktail with my brother and a friend every day at lunch, and every day hoping that I would be the one to get the solitary cherry, or a hunk of chicken from the "chicken" noodle soup. Plus, it seems to seep some sort of mild hallucinogenic eye juice, that's squirty like a giant ball of Gushers.

In the end, the spicy fish breath is enough to knock down any foe within melee range, and it's nice knowing that I'm eating a renewable resource. After all, murlocs spawn faster than rabbits!

Zach Yonzon: To a lot of people, the taste of Mae-un Tang can be a tad unfamiliar. You could even say the strange taste sparks the imagination quite a bit -- I mean, just check out Manda's reaction to the soup! It looks like the gochujang -- a fermented soy bean hot pepper paste -- that they used for the soup might've been a really strong one! But Mae-un Tang is actually one of my favorite Korean dishes, so I was massively surprised to find that Blizzard and Hungry Man chose the dish as one of the flavors in their new Gamer Grub frozen dinner line.

Working from Manila, I wasn't able to taste any of the samples that Blizzard sent the WoW Insider office, but I was able to speak with Hungry Man Gamer Grub marketing manager for Korea Hui Foo Joo. He explained that Blizzard developed the Murloc Fin Soup variant specially for the Korean market, where players simply have no time to waste making their own meals. "We feel that this is a perfect fit for Korean gamers, particularly professional Arena players who spend all their time practicing," Joo stated.

"With Hungry Man Gamer Grub Murloc Fin Soup, Korean gamers can enjoy their favorite meal without disrupting vital Arena time," he explains, "(they) just pop it in the microwave during the queue times between matches." Blizzard's rep for food research Emma Lyer said that they think this will be huge in South Korea, and have lined up H O N's Mage Orangemarmalade, engineer of the legendary 1 vs. 2 comeback, as its spokeperson. Orange will team up with pop sensation Hyori Lee (이효리), who is reportedly working on the jingle for the TV commercial.

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