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Panasonic again giving tru2way a boost at Cable Show '09


Panasonic has consistently been one of the companies backing tru2way with the most hardware, and this year's Cable Show is no different. First up, its tru2way compatible plasma HDTVs are now on sale in Atlanta, with additional rollouts planned for the rest of '09 -- put host city Washington D.C. on the list for sure, since since Comcast has hooked the booth up to a live feed for demonstrations as previously seen in Denver. Don't have the scratch for a whole new TV just to experience the new tech? Say hello to the PCH2180 Advanced Multi-tuner tru2way set-top receiver (pictured) that's now shipping, an HD-DVR ready for multistream CableCARDs and includes a DOCSIS modem, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and VC-1 compatibility plus MoCA networking capabilities. Panasonic's taken the time to tie it to a prototype Easy Touch multitouch remote (video embedded after the break) that we were digging at CEATEC and CES alike, with this kind of investment the NCTA might be able to make us forget January's disappointment.

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