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Welcome ... to the Internet Graveyard

Justin McElroy

Yeah, that's Yatta. And yeah, we know that you haven't seen that video since your cousin downloaded it through the 56k back in ought-two. See, those links in the breaking news column slipped through some sort of time vortex, either from the future or some alternate history, and right on to Joystiq's front page. By clicking them, you've torn space time asunder and found yourself in The Internet Graveyard, where every meme, every e-gag, every random site you've ever loved has come to die. How many are there? Why, over nine-thoouusssannnd, of course.

While you're here though, why not check up on some old friends? Maybe your old buddies "Mr. T Ate My Balls" or the "Hello my future girlfriend" kid? And look at poor Leroy Jenkins and Tron Guy, they couldn't look any lonelier, could they, with those Fat Chicks In Party Hats?

And who am I? Just a simple grave keeper ... who happens to be immortal.

[Note to haters: You'll notice that with all our bygone internet treasures, there's one thing you won't find: Lolcats. Some things never go out of style. Ever.]

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