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Combat Arms introduces 'Nut Shot' instant kill


Getting hit in the nuts isn't just for AFV anymore, as free online FPS Combat Arms has recently employed such a technique. Whenever a male player is shot, uh, down there, the words "Nut Shot" will appear at the top of the screen, next to a pair of shattered walnuts. Min Kim, director of Nexon America, told MTV Multiplayer that including this helps the game stand out from all of the other FPS titles on the market, allowing Combat Arms to be more "Jackie Chan" than "Bruce Lee," with the latter being used to label your more traditional FPS games such as Call of Duty and Counter Strike.

If you're playing a female character, however, you're immune to the Nut Shot ... for obvious reasons. And if you're already playing as a dude, well, it's possible to change genders in the game. If Nexon doesn't come up with a female equivalent, we expect most players will stick to being girls.

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