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SimMan 3G patient simulator will undoubtedly creep you out

Darren Murph

Look, we want the next generation of robot doctors to be as competent as possible; after all, it's them that'll likely be taking care of us when our fingers lock up and our cranium-housed SSDs finally fail. That said, we can't help but be freaked completely out by Laerdal's latest and greatest patient simulator, the SimMan 3G. This almost-human can be programmed with various practice scenarios for to-be doctors to hone their skills on, and as any sophisticated mannequin should, this one is also wireless, self-contained and able to withstand four hours of surgery before conking out. We have no clue how many thousands this thing will set HOSA clubs around the nation back, but anything that bleeds, winks, and secretes shouldn't be something you "buy," anyway.

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