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Battlestar Galactica composer previews music for Dark Void

Hey, guy -- what's the matter? We've noticed you've been looking positively sullen these past few weeks. Has the series departure of Battlestar Galactica got you down in the frakking dumps? There's not much we can do about that, though your spirits may be lifted by checking out a recent blog post from Battlestar composer Bear McCreary, the recently revealed songsmith behind the score of Dark Void. His blog contains a video (posted after the jump) previewing a few clips from the game's soundtrack, which is shaping up to sound just as awesome as the title looks.

If soaring orchestral tunes aren't really your thing, you might still want to check out the preview for a few new Dark Void gameplay clips. Then again, if you've yet to be swept off your feet (and propelled hundreds of feet into the air) by Capcom's jet pack-centric action title, you may be entertained by McCreary's declaration of love for Mega Man -- any composer who creates 8-bit versions of their pieces then saves them on hard drives named after Robot Masters is okay in our books.

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