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Sprint goes a little crazy with new Pre advertising

Chris Ziegler

We hadn't necessarily taken the Pre crowd as the attention-span-of-a-gnat sort, but in case our psychology is dead off, Sprint has formulated a truly mind-blowing 60 seconds of video that runs down a series of meaningless stats -- the number of emails just sent containing "miracle banana diet," for example -- and ties it all together neatly at the end as a plug for the carrier's 3G and 4G networks. Perhaps more importantly, the Pre makes two brief appearances in the ad -- but if you're looking to take your visual overload to the next level, you can have a peep at Sprint's updated "Plug into Now" site, which blasts you with a seemingly endless series of widgets that keep you abreast of stats like the number of lung transplants that occurred today, the number of shopping days until Christmas, and the current national debt. Clicking on the Pre takes you to a dedicated series of Pre widgets complete with a spinning Pre -- nothing new, really, but if you simply must have fast access to Pre mentions on Twitter, this might just be your dream come true. Follow the break for Sprint's ad, but make sure you're not too amped on caffeine first.

[Via PreCentral, thanks James]

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