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Grab your own Grifball Spartan at San Diego Comic Con


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If you're attending the San Diego Comic Con and are a fan of all things Halo 3, then you'll likely be excited to hear that Toys R Us and McFarlane Toys are teaming up to sell the exclusive figure you see above during the show. Only 6,000 of these Grifball bad boys (or girls, because you really don't know who's under that 200 billion-dollar suit of armor) are being sold at the show, and you can grab your own for $15. We suggest making this a priority stop, as the figure features a Bomb, Gravity Hammer, Recon armor, and Sword Hilt, with the latter two being pretty big deals in the world of spinning space rings, we hear. Also, 6,000 isn't a lot when you consider 126,000 people attended the show last year.

San Diego Comic-Con goes down from July 23-26 at the San Diego Convention Center.

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