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Japanese gamer breaks disc, burns magazine article over Vesperia PS3 port

Majed Athab

Perhaps "Tales of Rage" is a more suitable title for Tales of Vesperia on PS3, as fan reaction to the enhanced port hasn't gone over well. Fans of the series in Japan are livid at the announcement, seeing as many of these gamers bought systems just to play the formerly 360-exclusive game. In one case, a fan was so angry he snapped his game disc in half (... subconsciously telling himself he has a reason to pick it up again) and burned the PS3 announcement article.

While we feel sorry for such angered gamers, we do believe they should have known better. After all, the game was previously teased to appear on PS3 by Namco Bandai itself. Just couldn't wait, huh? No wonder they say patience is a virtue.

[Via Kotaku]

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