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Klipsch touts its eco-friendly ways

Steven Kim

With Earth Day right around the corner, we expect to see a flood of news about who's loving the mother Earth the most, and Klipsch is kicking things off for speaker manufacturers. While it may not be using Environmentally Friendly Substrate material for its speaker cabinets like Elemental Designs, Klipsch sill has plenty to crow about. First, Klipsch's electrically efficient speakers -- especially the mainstay horn-loaded models -- let you get more dBs per Watt, and because a 3dB difference makes for about double the perceived volume they add up quickly. But we think the real eco-value is in producing a quality product that you won't be dumping into a landfill in a couple of years. Over their lifetime, your speakers might be the most ecologically benevolent piece of gear in your AV setup.

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