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Samsung's dual-SIM B5702, now mega-official

Chris Ziegler

Dual SIM support still isn't a big deal in most of Europe and North America, but in Russia -- where the new B5702 is launching, among other places, in May -- having two lines at your immediate disposal seems to be a headlining feature. The leaked B5702 is now fully official, offering a 3 megapixel camera, quadband EDGE, QVGA display, FM radio with RDS, built-in document viewer including Office and PDF (kinda unique for a dumbphone), and microSD expansion up to 8GB. Unlike some dual-SIM devices, the B5702 utilizes both cards simultaneously; two LEDs indicate which line is being used by incoming calls, and a button on the side allows users to hot-swap active lines without restarting the phone. Just don't mix up "Boss" and "Sweetie" on the speed dials, alright?

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