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Valkyria Chronicles DLC available on April 16th


The best PS3 RPG to date is getting three new expansions next week. Sega has announced three DLC packs for Valkyria Chronicles:
  • Hard EX Mode adds a new difficulty to the campaign. The Edelweiss will be unavailable and enemies will be more lethal than before. Clearly, this is a mode for the hardcore VC players out there.
  • Edy's Mission "Enter the Edy Detachment" – Edy and five squad members have been separated from Squad 7. In this new mission, players will have to use this small team to defend a small village from an Imperial Army attack.
  • Selvaria's Mission "Behind Her Blue Flame" – No more Mr. Nice Guy. This DLC lets you play as the enemy. Play as Johann, an engineer assigned to Selvaria, in a mission that takes place right after the outbreak of Gallian battle lines.
The DLC will be available on the PlayStation Store in America and Europe. Each pack will be available for $4.99, £3.19 or €3.99.


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