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Commercial skipping via ShowAnalyzer coming to WTV files in May

Ben Drawbaugh

If you're like us then you've been playing with the various Windows 7 Betas. Although we really like the direction Microsoft is headed with it, some of our favorite features keep us from making the switch from Vista Media Center full time. We'd say the number one feature that keeps us living in the past is automatic commercial skipping, but earlier tonight we heard some great news. The guys at the Entertainment 2.0 podcast had the author of one of the best commercial scanning utilities on, ShowAnalyzer, and was full of useful information. The most notable part was that he's been working on supporting wtv for some time, and actually expects to have it working by May -- yes, next month. This isn't the only feature we're still waiting for though, but it sure is a big one and we're glad to know it should be ready about the same time 7 gets its first release candidate.

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