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Get Gigawatts or go Home: inFamous pre-order bonuses detailed


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Do you want to have these badass blades in inFamous? Well, you better get ready to pre-order the game at GameStop. The "Gigawatt Blades Power" is a GameStop-exclusive download that's only available when you reserve the game. According to the retailer, the weapon will allow Cole to "annihilate any foe" with his hands. The electric blades that extend from his wrists may be powerful, but the retailer notes that they're also "gentle enough to allow for the occasional tickling." Remember folks, you can't always kill your way out of every situation. is offering a different pre-order bonus: an exclusive costume for use in PlayStation Home. By reserving the game at the online retailer, players will be able to get a full costume that transforms their virtual avatars into a member of the Reaper gang. You can see that bonus after the break.

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