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Metamorial: Game writers remember Dave Arneson


Somewhere between co-creating Dungeons & Dragons and teaching at Full Sail College, Dave Arneson left an indelible mark on the gaming landscape. Every time we roll for initiative or challenge the dungeon master's ability to adapt, Arneson's guiding hand can be felt.

We've gathered sentiments shared by our colleagues around the internet for you here, and encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments section below, about the man that helped move role-playing into the limelight of gaming.

Ars Technica: "Get out your classic rule books. Invite some friends over. Keep a chair empty for a fallen friend, and play for a few hours. Not online, in person. Order a pizza ... Remember Dave Arneson, a man who wasn't satisfied with the game when his parents brought home an Avalon Hill title. When he began changing the rules, he began changing the world."

Wired's Game|Life: "It's impossible to ignore the influence Arneson's work has had on the gaming developers we all hold so dear ... We offer our greatest condolences to Arneson's family and loved ones, and would like to thank the man for making the world a much more interesting place during his time here."

Crispy Gamer: "Dungeons & Dragons has had an influence on me as well - most notably when it comes to video games. My love of the Gold Box series of role-playing games from SSI, Baldur's Gate I and II, Eye of the Beholder, the Dragonlance series, Icewind Dale, Planescape, Neverwinter Nights and hundreds of others games is the reason I am here today writing."

Kotaku: "The clattering of dice falls silent once again, but the rolling, virtual and physical, will never cease, thanks to the contributions of this great man. He will be missed."

The Escapist: "Dave Arneson was a titan of creativity ... The game industry would not be the same today without his work."

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