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MI6: Dark Void impressions


We'll admit it -- we kinda have a crush on Capcom and Airtight Games' Dark Void. It started back at E3 '08, and only got stronger when we had a brief rendevous at CES earlier this year. So, when we saw the game being demo'd at yesterday's MI6 Game Marketing summit, we were both excited and confused. After all, what was the game doing there, of all events?

Truth be told, we're not sure even Capcom knew why, but we weren't going to look a gift demo in the mouth. The game's associate producer, Shana Bryant, took us through a small area from a day-old build of the game, explaining that it was intended to give a better indication of the sort of scenic variety we could expect from the finished product. Where earlier builds focused on more "Earth-like" settings, she said, the new area was definitely not of this world.

We got to see the game's hero, Will, assisting other airborne friendlies in taking down Watcher UFOs in a battle we were told would lead to the infiltration of an underground complex. One of our biggest fears about the game -- the framerate -- was squashed, as everything ran silky smooth, complimented by subtle effects such as Will's pants rustling as he flew. Oh, how we yearn to take our relationship with this game to the next level at E3.

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