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Gyakuten Kenji teacup: HOLD IT! with your pinky extended


Miles Edgeworth is a unique character. The Ace Attorney prosecutor is confident and strong, but distinctly dainty at the same time. He casts an imposing figure in the courtroom, even in a magenta suit and a frilly cravat.

The latest unattainable Japanese promo item for Gyakuten Kenji, this delicate teacup with Edgeworth's face stamped in his trademark color, is perfect for Edgeworth. In most people's hands, it would be, at best, adorable, but Edgeworth is so raw that he could make Phoenix Wright tremble in terror with the simple intonation of "Wright." between sips.

The teacup is available for preorder from e-Capcom for 1890 yen ($19). Unfortunately, e-Capcom doesn't ship outside of Japan.


[Via Inside-Games]

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