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Guild Wars starts celebrating 4th birthday early

Lesley Smith

Crikey, has it really been four years since Guild Wars launched? Apparently so as the official site has just been updated for the game's fourth anniversary, which is happening on April 28th. As with any birthday there are going to be plenty of presents (and of course Birthday Cupcakes) except ArenaNet are the ones doing the giving!

Starting on April 23rd after an update, the festivities will run all the way through to April 29th and there's plenty to see and do. The good folks of the Shing Jea Monastery are re-opening the Boardwalk for some games of chance including Rollerbeetle racing and the infamous Dragon Arena.

In the anniversary day itself, players will find presents in their inventories. Anyone who has been playing for one, two or three years will get an awesome miniature from a past anniversary celebration while four year old players will get a brand spanking new miniature for their collection.

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