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WRUP: Is anyone playing WoW? edition


Looking over this week's WRUP responses, I had to wonder what was up. Where were the raid schedules? Where was the to-do list of achievements and dungeon runs? Why wasn't anyone playing WoW? So I asked the team.

Me: It looks like almost no one is playing WoW this weekend.
Alex: Why would we? There's nothing to do.
Me: Good point.
Alex: If 3.1 doesn't hit on Tuesday it's time to start throwing Blizzard employees out windows. One a day until the patch hits.
Me: I wonder if it's in poor taste to mention throwing Blizzard employees out windows in this week's WRUP.
Daniel: Maybe if you use the term "defenestrate" they won't notice! As in "It's time to start defenestrating Blizzard employees."
Me: I wonder if it's in poor taste to use this entire conversation in this week's WRUP...

So what is the team doing this weekend?
  • Adam Holisky: Transitioning to a new guild. Not sure which one yet, and I've been lucky enough to get positive hits from the ones I've applied to. All my friends will be staying on the same server and moving to other guilds as well, so that's cool.
  • Alex Ziebart: It is done. [Editor's note: we're not sure what he's talking about, either.]
  • Chase Christian: After the success on our first Undying run last weekend, we're going for a speed run this week, hoping for a 2-2.5 hour clear of Naxx 10.
  • Jennie Lees: Planning a trip that might end up in a move to SF, and wondering how on earth I'll raid if I end up there.
  • Matt Low: Screw healing. I'm done. I'm not touching a healing spell again. Forget restorative spells. I'm done with holy spells. I am going on strike from any sort of healing. All heals, unbinded. All bandages, vendored. They're on their own. It'll just be me and my honkin' 2H Great Apocalypse. AHAHAHAHA! I am death. Destroyer of Trolls! Zul'Drak will be leveled and wiped off the face of Northrend when I'm done with it!
  • Matt Rossi: Hoping to run a D&D game, I'm trying out 4th edition.
Now tell us, readers, what are you playing this weekend? Are you experiencing some WoW burn-out of your own?

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