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Nikon D5000 with articulating display leaks out on Japanese retailer's site

Nilay Patel

Oop, it looks like Japanese retailer Softmap pulled the trigger on its Nikon D5000 page a little early -- it went briefly live earlier today, confirming that the rumored DSLR with articulating 2.7-inch display is indeed real, and most likely set to be announced at tomorrow's Austrian press event. Apart from the movable screen, it looks like the D5000 will be a pretty hot blend of the D60 and D90, complete with D-movie mode, 11-point AF system, and ISO 3200 sensitivity, all for a body-only price of ¥76,320 ($762). Whether or not that pricing will make it to the US and tempt would-be Canon T1i buyers right out of their shoes remains to be seen -- we'll let you know as soon as we find out.

[Via Electronista]

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