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Orange's streaming TV app for iPhone goes live in France

Chris Ziegler

Free, unlimited live TV's coming to the iPhone for anyone who wants it one way or another, we just didn't necessarily expect carriers to be supporting the movement. Actually, it's a stretch to call Orange's new "TV from Orange" app "free" since you're only getting unlimited use on roughly 20 of the 60-odd available channels -- and even then, only if you subscribe to one of Orange's new Origami Star for iPhone plans starting at €42 (about $55) per month -- but it's a start. French subscribers should find the app in their local App Store, and if they'd rather pay on an a-la-carte basis, there are add-on TV packages available for €6 and €9 a month, data usage at 1 cent per 10KB, and session usage at 50 cents per 20 minutes, depending on the plan you're rocking. Orange says it'll work on anything from EDGE up (though we doubt the experience is that great on EDGE) and boasts "high definition mobile quality," which feels like a sketchy phrase. Your mileage may vary, naturally.

[Via mocoNews, thanks Mike]

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