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Sony Ericsson's MS410 speaker makes up in portability what it lacks in style

Chris Ziegler

When you think of fun, what do you picture? A gentle summer breeze on the porch, a cool libation in your hand. Round after round of hyper-competitive UNO keeping everyone on the edge of their seats; Reverses and Wild Draw Fours are flying left and right like there's no tomorrow. The woman to the right of you -- whose name you can't seem to recall at the moment, unfortunately -- certainly seems to be enjoying herself, owing in no small part to the whippets and the brilliant playlist you've selected for the occasion. You've elected to channel those indescribably rare Wham! bootlegs through your Sony Ericsson W205, conveniently attached to the just-announced MS410 speaker stand; how you came across an MS410 already is anybody's guess, since it's not available until later this quarter -- but any casual, innocent talk of corporate theft faded into oblivion two or three Tequila Sunrises ago. Now, all that matters is how you're going to dig out of that 61-point UNO hole you've found yourself in, how you're going to get another Wild Turkey without getting out of your seat, and how you're going to covertly jog your memory of that girl's name before things get awkward. And if the Wham! runs out before that all happens, God forbid, it's just a damned good thing the MS410 works as an FM antenna, too.

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