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Around Azeroth: Across the border


Azeroth must have some incredibly complicated weather patterns. How else would we get the stark contrasts found between neighboring zones? Feralas, a forested land, is found between the dull deserts of Desolace and Thousand Needles. The tropical lushness of Stranglethorn Vale doesn't seem to have spread to the neighboring fields of Westfall. And what possible justification is there for Dun Morogh, a snowy southern zone surrounded entirely by temperate plains and heat-induced blast craters? Unless it's just nuclear fallout from Gnomeregan.

Nécrótíc of <J N R V> onShadowsong has taken a picture of one of the few zone climate changes with a real explanation behind it; the beautiful jungle of Sholazar is out of place with neighboring Borean Tundra because it was used as a testing ground for the Titans. Deus ex machina? You decide.

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