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Follow the patch day news as it happens with WoW Insider on Twitter


Patch days bring about major game changing news, and the WoW Insider crew is hard at work to bring you the very latest.

As we gotten the news in we've been tweeting about it left and right, and we'll continue to do this throughout the day. We're also responding to as many questions via tweets as we can.

And as a special treat for all you twittering people out there, we'll be giving away some WoW TCG Loot Card codes (courtesy of our good friends at over the next week or so. But the only way for you to get them is to follow us on Twitter and wait for the sign.

Of course, another good reason to follow us on twitter is that when we reach 9,000 followers, we'll be doing a video version of our podcast, The WoW Insider Show. Ever wonder what Mike Schramm looks like while talking? Want to see if Turpster really is a gnome warrior? And do writers here at WoW Insider really grow horns and walk around with pitch forks chanting monotone devilries while sacrificing baby Murlocs to Ghostcrawler in exchange for new patch information?

Follow us and find out!

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