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Hilton uses Vicious Engine for 'salt' training game


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Vicious Cycle Software has announced that Virtual Heroes used the Vicious Engine to craft a Hilton hotel employee training game, which we first reported in January. The press release notes that the PSP game, titled Hilton Garden Inn Ultimate Team Play -- catchy -- was deployed to all Hilton Garden Inn hotels in February. Don't bother yourself with puzzling questions as to why a company would retroactively announce that the "game" uses its engine. Just forget about that. You want to know about the gameplay ... and we've got you covered.

There's some drivel in the press release about it, but why bother reading that when you've got screenshots? Judging from the image above, the game involves luring customers with piles of toast -- while menacingly keeping the patrons in your crosshairs -- and managing your hotel's supplies of precious salt.

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