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Medion's Atom-powered E1211 and E1215 make the scene


If you're a resident of the European Union (or just a big fan) you might like to know that Medion's back with another nondescript, low-priced laptop or two. Understated sequels to the Mini E1210, both the E1211 and E1215 sport a 10-inch display, Intel Atom processor, 160GB hard drive, Windows XP Home, webcam, Bluetooth, and WiFi, and weigh a mere 1.25 kilograms -- and the latter also rocks integrated UMTS. According to Portable Gear, these guys are expected to fall into the €400-500 price range, rearing their heads in retail outlets such as Aldi, Hema, Action, Gamma and Karwei. Hit that read link for some more exciting pics.

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